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Monday, 19 May 2008

Tip 9: Waders - The best $50 a landscape photographer can spend!

Well it's been quite a while since I have made a post to my blog.... very slack of me I know :( but I am here to rectify that, even if it's only with a small tip.

Waders! ....Yep, those dorky looking rubber fishing type waders.

I purchased a set recently for a trip down to Bright in Victoria. Knowing that the area has mountain streams, I figured that waders might allow me to get into some more "unique" positions, as I would not be limited by my aversion to cold, wet water.

As it turns out, my Waders are the best $50 that I have ever spent as a landscape photographer. (My Grizzly Bear repellent may well turn out to be the best, but until I go back to Canada that remains to be seen. ....thinking about though, how will I know if it's working? If I don't see a grizzly, is it my repellent, or are there no grizzlies there to begin with? Hmmmm??) Anyway, back to my waders....

Being able to wander over river rocks without the a real worry about dry foot placement was really quite freeing and being able to sit or stand in cold mountain water provided some excellent POVs. (POV = Point Of View)

Amazingly, the waders keep you warm too! I could feel that I was standing in cold water, but at no time did I feel cold. I look forward to using these in the warmer swampy areas, as my aversion to snakes and all things creepy-crawly is just as strong as my aversion to cold, wet water. ;-)

This image gives you an idea of how useful waders can be, especially compared to your regular gumboot.

The following image is an example of the unique POV (middle of the rock pool) that the waders allowed for in this pano.

As usual, larger versions of these can be seen by clicking the images, plus they can also be found in my gallery.


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