AustralianLight - Landscape Photography AustralianLight - Landscape Photography

AustralianLight - Landscape Photography is my new site with my good mate Bernie. If you have found my blog posts useful over the years, then how about giving us a hand to promote AustralianLight.

We are doing everything we can to get our australian landscape photography out there and guess what..... it's bloody hard work!! So please visit the gallery and if you like what see, share it with your friends.

Thanks, we really do appreciate your help. - Russell

Saturday, 8 October 2011

AustralianLight - Landscape Photography

Finally we doing something about selling our images!

Landscape Photographer Extraordinair Bernie Zajac and myself, have joined forces to create.... ♪ ♫ Bup de de bup bup da dah!!!! ♪ ♫ (that was the sound of trumpets) AustralianLight - Landscape Photography (and the crowd goes wild... yay!)

Our online gallery is undergoing final development and we hope to go public with the site soon. Until then, we have created a Facebook Page with some image previews for you to go "Ooooh Ahhh!" at or go "Man these guys are CRAP!"

Ok, so I don't really expect Oooohs and Ahhhs! ....I am actually just hoping that you don't think we're crap!

So please drop by our Facebook Page at and check us out. It would be superdooper cool if you would Like our page and help us spread the word.

Shares on our preview image posts would be great too, as shares are the VERY best way to get us out there.... and let's face it, if we don't get known we won't sell squat! :(

You can also join our mailing list at so you are the VERY FIRST to know when our gallery goes live and when we have new image releases.

UPDATE: We are now on Google+ too... Same deal on Google+ thanks, Shares are the go. ;)


Russell Stewart
Landscape Photographer (<< hehe, I think I like that)

SuperDooper Update!!! Our AustralianLight - Landscape Photography Gallery is now live!!