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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

What to photograph? #2: Festivals & Fairs

If your strolling around looking for things to photograph, why not check your paper or local "What's On" web site for festivals and fairs. Normally you will find that every weekend, something, somewhere is happening and that they may provide heaps of photo opportunities.

My personal faves are the medieval fairs and balloon festivals, as both of these provide spectacular photo ops that are full of colour and excitement. It is not uncommon for me to drive 10-12 hours to get to one of these either... the photo ops really are that good!

Now not everyone wants to drive that far (OK, i'm a loon!) but there will be something close to you I am sure.

How about popping down the local markets this weekend? Most of us have a market nearby (I wouldn't drive 11 hours for a market btw) and markets are great for getting in close for colour, shapes and texture. Finding the picture within the overall scene is a great challenge and can be very rewarding at times.

Remember, the trick to improving one's
photography is to not only shoot lots, but to also shoot many varied locations and events.... you need to put your self outside your comfort zone and into situations that are foreign to you, as this will make you think outside your square as you rise to the challenges presented.


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