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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sydney For A Day... What gear to take?

OK... I am off to Sydney for a day. Hold on to your hats Sydneyites, I know this news must excite you, but please quell that burning desire to meet my plane screaming like it's the "Beatles Reincarnation Tour". ;)

So what camera kit to take? I am not one to leave much at home and normally I will drive to the other end of the country with the back of a Landscuiser loaded with kit, but this time I am flying and am limited to 7kilos of carry on luggage only.

7 Kilos is a bit and this should allow my backpack with the 1Ds2, 70-200 2.8, 24 TS-E and the 550D/15-58 as backup. But do I want to be lugging a backpack around all day? ...even on a cool day the lack of airflow can make it quite hot under that thing.

The obvious light option is to take the 550D/15-85 combo only, as this, along with spare batteries and cards fits neatly into a small over the shoulder Lowepro bag. Being separated from my full frame camera and shift lens is a tough one though.... It's like Warnie being separated from his mobile, it's like Sheenie being separated from his alternate reality.... it's like, ....well you get the idea.

I just can't help but feel that I will be left wanting for some FoV (field of view) every time I think "This would make a great panorama" or wishing for my 70-200 every time I need to get that liitle bit closer. I really need to think about this... please talk among yourselves, I will be back in a bit.






OK, I have thought about this and it made my head hurt, but this is what I am gunna do. I am setting myself a challenge, and that challenge is (Trumpets: bup de bar bup bup bup bah!!!!).....

"To Be Normal"!

Yep... for a day I am going to be just like a normal person and see the sights with my trusty "little" camera with one zoom lens only. Now many of you may be thinking "BIG DEAL... What a GOOSE!" But seriously, this is a real challenge for me. My mind simply does not work that way when I go places.

I am always thinking about the photo and how it has to be worthy of commercial or gallery use. So this means that I have to use just the right lens, or add some graduated filters, or come back just when the light is right etc etc.

The thought of being "gear limited" and working "in the moment", is actually quite daunting for me. :(

But a challenge is a challenge and I am interested to see what images I can come up with working this way. So stay "tooned" people, I will post some images here in the coming days.... will they be just happysnaps, or will I manage something a bit more interesting?



IMAGE UPDATE:  Well I only managed a few happysnaps.  As I said in my comments below, the weather was quite hazy and it was all a bit "meh" really.  Still, it was great to catch up with friends for a day, so all was good. :-)

....and here is the image of me going AoverT down the Opera House steps :(

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  1. Well I am sooooo glad that I did not take the big kit. The sun was shining for the morning, but the harbour was quite hazy. Then the clouds came in, as did the light showers and by late afternoon it was raining.

    So photo opportunities did not abound. :(

    Another reason I am soooooo glad that I did not take the big camera, is that I went face first down the Opera House steps with camera in hand. I have no idea what happened.... one minute I am walking down the steps, the next second I am spread eagle in front a group of people who were sitting having lunch.

    They were very kind in helping me and commented on how I managed to protect the camera by curling my wrists up and allowing my forearms to take the blow. (Four arms would have come in handy now that I think about it) Thank you so much to these people for being so kind.

    So the camera survived having never made contact with the rough, pebble covered concrete steps. My right arm did not do anywhere near so good. :( The thought of wrecking a $1600 camera and lens combo does not sit well with me, but the thought of wrecking my $10000+ kit sits less so.

    Please keep an eye on YouTube, as this was right in front of a security camera, so it's only a matter of time before I make the blooper reel. lol

    Now.... How did I go with images? Meh.... it was such a nothing kind of day, I haven't even looked yet. But will do so soon, just as soon as my arm comes out of plaster and I can use a mouse again.

    Just kid'n! I just took the bark off in a couple of places and had some lovely red blood to show for it. (Seriously... I have the brightest pinky red blood that you could ever see. People were commenting on it.... perhaps I will mention that to my doctor?)

    This reminds me of when a friend broke his arm in three place while mountain bike riding. Where were the places I asked.... "At the top of hill, the middle of the hill and the bottom of the hill" he replied. lol

    Anyway... time to take another pride restoration pill and have a look at those images.

    Be back soon



  2. This thread has now been updated with images as seen above. I don't know who took the AoverT image? I guess it must have come from a tourist somehow?? :wink: :wink: